About Us

We believe in putting our members first. It's good for them and great for us.

1 IF Telecom is one of the largest privately owned business service providers in Australia.

We've helped to connect both Enterprise and Residential customers on a world class platform. Get expert advice, end-to-end solutions, easy and flexible options to choose from. Telephony, Internet & NBN we have it all. Whatever you require we'll work it out. Try our awesome range of products; we know you'll love the difference.

2We're big fans of the personal touch.

Quality services, consistent products, proven credentials, better client engagement, and personalized interactions. A dedicated help-desk, dependable and 100% secure, every time you connect. Real people on the other side of the IVR for support when you need us. Do not hesitate, fire in your questions, queries. Connect and consult, we're big on relationships.

3We understand business.

No one size fits all solutions; we offer customized packages, value, and savings. Take your business to the next level or save up on your home phone services with up-to-date products with easy rentals, low upfront costs, clear terms-conditions, and minimal fine print. Get choices that you always wanted. Transform how you use telephony to your advantage.

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