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Broadband Plan

Monthly Access fee (Broadband) and Total Min Cost

Excess Data Charge

Peak and Off-Peak Usage



Critical Information Summary

Data Buster


Min. cost $1,507.80
over 24 months

Excess Data ChargeNot Applicable

Peak and Off-Peak UsageNot Applicable


ModemModem 4 Port Wifi Modem

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Prices Effective from: 01/11/2018

ADSL2+/ADSL Coverage Checker

Not sure whether you can get ADSL2+/ADSL? Please use our availability Checker, and find the best ADSL offer available at your address.

Things to know:

Paper Billing: $2.95 Fee(Inc. GST)
Non Direct Debit: $5 Fee (Inc. GST)
Late Payment Fee :$19.95 (Inc. GST)
Cheque Dishonour Fee: $28 (Inc. GST)
Bill Reprints: $4.99 Fee (Inc. GST)
Supension Fees: $30 (Inc. GST)
Pay by Post: $2.75 (Inc. GST)
Cheque processing fee: $2.75 (Inc. GST)
Direct debit dishonour fee: $15 (Inc. GST)

Free connection and transfers to IF Telecom

We cover all costs of ADSL2+ connections and transfers when joining IF Telecom.

Australia's widest ADSL2+ network

We have ADSL2+ available at more than 1,700 exchanges nationwide.

Australia-based technical support on all business days

Our Australia-based support team is available during extended hours to provide help and assistance if things get a bit tricky.

Call us on 1800 436 659, Mon to Fri : 8am to 7pm | Saturday and Public Holidays : 9am to 6pm | Sunday : Closed

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