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NBN - Fibre

NBN - Fibre

93% of the population

In a shift from conventional technology; NBN fibre broadband is estimated to connect about 21.4 million people; roughly 93% of the total Australian population. Households will advance using the backbone of mega speed next generation Internet equipped to support voice calls. With more commerce, communication and innovation happening online, Australia needs NBN, just as businesses.

NBN - Fibre

NBN - Wireless

4% of the population

Another million Australians', 4% approx, will benefit in being connected wirelessly. Australia's size and terrain require wireless and satellite technology to connect the small percentage of premises that do not fall into the fiber roadmap. Speed and connections will be delivered very consistently as result of a fixed number of service points within each coverage area connected wirelessly.

NBN - Fibre

NBN - Satellite

3% of the population

The remaining 3% of the populace will be connected using Wireless Satellite Technology, as cable and broadband cannot presently reach these locations. With the NBN Interim Satellite reaching capacity, NBN Co has ceased sale of the interim satellite product. The full satellite service is expected to be launched in 2015. NBN will connect location irrespective – when satellite services resume.

Why NBN in simple terms?

Compare NBN Plans

These are based on the maximum NBN Fibre plan speeds. The average download speed is based on the average speeds experienced by end users. Data transfer speeds to individual premises may differ.

Customers signed up for NBN will be able to enjoy seamless Internet Connectivity at never before speeds, made possible through our tie-up with NBN Co. NBN is a massive upgrade from the existing copper PSTN lines which cannot operate at very high-loads due to ageing.
Connections on the NBN will facilitate data and voice services integrating multiple devices, in a network, irrespective of the customers' location. NBN Services will be a great value add to conventional technology in enhancing the users' Phone, Data, Professional and Entertainment(IPTV/Live Streaming/Gaming) experience by eliminating interruption sensitivity almost completely-1. Smartphone's' can be added to the network, to perform at 4G LTE efficiency.
Users will be able to access real time applications like Skype™, up/down-load content intensive files, participate in live gaming sessions and work on multi-end business software like SAP™ at 40X speeds-2 delivered very consistently as result of a fixed number of service points within each coverage area.

-1. Actual speeds will depend on external factors and local technical factors at the customers' location
-2. Based on highest speeds of NBN (when compared to standard ADSL/ADSL+ speeds on Telstra's copper network), as the same consistency cannot be guaranteed on a wireless/satellite service due to technical limitations.

How can you connect?

Enjoying NBN services will require installation-1 of supporting NBN equipment**- see above. Customers may be required to install internal cabling/wires and switch(s) in their premise/property in addition to the NBN equipment, at their own expense. However this is optional and might be required in certain cases only.

An RSP-2 will provide NBN equipment/device(s), installation, support and discuss charges for set-up and activation - if any apply, including additional expenses for equipment/cabling or wiring. Please ensure any third party technician handling/installing NBN equipment/devices at your premises' is ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) certified.

-1. Standard NBN Installation is completely FOC in the roll-out phase.
**Supplied NBN equipment includes: utility box, connection box and Power Supply Unit, First battery, external cabling from the street network to the NBN utility box and internal cabling up to the NBN connection box.
-2. RSP - Retail Service Provider (RSP) who will connect NBN, just like the ISP – Internet Service provider who supplies your data connection, namely us. The connection will be supplied from our end as NBN Co doesn't sell directly.

Do I get NBN at my place?

National Broadband Network is readily available in select locations. New destinations are being added daily, as part of the roll-out exercise for the next 3 years.
We will attempt to cover every location. Click on relevant tab to determine NBN coverage & serviceability; at your address. If not, make sure you check back regularly as information is updated to include fresh areas covered, with inputs from NBN Co. Detailed maps are included in our coverage checker to reflect the exact localities/houses being serviced/covered on a given date. The checker is simple, reliable and comprehensive offering detailed information at a glance.

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So shall we switch to NBN?

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